Web Development

Web Development

The HTML Era

For a long time, web development involved learning a new language. HTML or “code” was the only way to build a site. Old HTML sites were time consuming and difficult to generate.  Establishing an online presence was expensive, confusing, and troublesome. If you did find a decent company to create your website, updating or changing information was always a hassle. 

Content Management Systems 

Web development made a huge shift that closed the gap between HTML and the languages most people actually speak. Blogs were the initial content management systems where you could generate a webpage by plugging information in, choosing a color scheme, adding photos, etc. Unfortunately, most blogs had a limited menu and lacked the sophistication of a full-on website. 

The need for more robust content management systems really took off with WordPress. Using templates and blog style menus, web developers could throw together a website much more quickly with WordPress than traditional HTML code. Furthermore, clients were granted access to their sites where they could login and edit information, create articles, etc. Using an interface much like Microsoft word, it became possible for the average business owner to generate pages, add pictures, and more with a user-friendly interface. 

The only downside of WordPress is that of any template; it can be difficult to make it unique to your business. Web developers and freelancers still served as liaisons for most business owners as they go through the headache of building out WordPress sites and customizing them to the owner’s unique taste.

Eventually, web developers exploded across every niche imaginable. Consumers have more options for web development than ever before. It’s not so much a question of how to develop a site but whether or not you would like to pay up front, monthly, and how hands on you would like to be in the process. The most successful businesses work closely with their web developer and ultimately take control of their content. 

Our agency will audit your site and look for areas of improvement. We will then propose ways we can improve the site or redesign it all together. Most Importantly, we will educate you on how to properly service your site and manage your online presence. With the explosion of content management systems, business owners have more control of their website than ever before. We’ll help lead the way by developing and/or improving your website and provide feedback for best practices on how you should manage your site moving forward. 

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