Third Party Websites

Third Party Websites

Pick your battles. 

As a business it is important to coexist with the big players in Search Results while simultaneously carving out your niche.

If you’re a car dealership, you better have your inventory listed on CarGurus, Auto Trader, and other billion-dollar sites who dominate the Search Engine Result Pages. 

If you’re an attorney, you better have a profile and reviews on sites like and FindLaw.

If you’re a tourist business, you better be set up on Trip Advisor. 

Restaurants better be on Yelp, Zagat, Trip Advisor, and open table.

For an e-commerce store, you better have your products listed on Amazon.

All businesses should have a Google Local Listing.

Every listing or profile on a third-party website should be up to date and properly managed. Let us help you develop strategies to work symbiotically with third party sites in your industry and help you develop strategies to increase visibility for your business while also competing for local traction.

Google isn’t the only search engine. Amazon, Yelp, Facebook, Youtube, TripAdvisor, Yahoo, Craiglist, and many more websites all have their own search capabilities. Optimizing your presence on every site is crucial for visibility. 

A customer’s buying pattern can be tough to predict. It’s important that you have a Full Spread strategy to capitalize on micro-moments of high intent customers. One customer’s search for furniture may begin on Google, transition to Ebay, and end on Craigslist. Another customer might search for the nearest furniture store and click on a Google local listing. Optimizing your business through every possible avenue is the key for maximum success when it comes to third party websites.   

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