Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

So Where should you start with an SEO strategy?

Search engines have incredibly advanced algorithms that factor on page content, off page content, internal links, external links, user feedback, traffic, social signals, website speed, domain age, and more. All these factors are mixed with competition to rank your site among the billions of competing websites on the web. It sounds like a lot, right? 

SEO should start with education, not sales.

Patience, persistence, planning, and understanding are all crucial aspects of a sound SEO plan. SEO is not a new industry and not something that should be done entirely by a third party. There is no quick fix even though the market acts like they have the solution. 6-12 months is actually a quick turnaround time for an aggressive SEO strategy so anyone promising you otherwise grossly underestimates the sweat equity that goes into an SEO campaign. 

The gap between the average business owner’s understanding of SEO and the value it can have for most businesses has created a hyper-saturated market of companies looking to take make a quick buck. As a business owner, I receive 2-5 cold calls per day asking if I would like to be on the first page of Google. My inbox is flooded with emails as well. 

Most of these businesses are cold calling with one goal in mind: set up a new account. They don’t research your business, they don’t understand your budget or target demographic, and they don’t understand your competition. The average ratio of account managers to customers for most of the larger marketing firms can easily exceed 30:1. The solution isn’t picking the right cold caller. It actually starts with finding someone who cares to educate you on best practices and has first-hand experience building SEO campaigns from the ground up. 

 If you want to develop an SEO plan, you need to focus on 3 main areas: web development, content, and link building. Most SEO consultations begin with a site audit where you discover “issues” with your current site and the firm offers solutions. Yes, your website is an integral part of the equation and these can quickly resolve certain penalties. Your website should definitely be formatted and integrated with your business appropriately. Beyond this initial setup however, SEO involves a long-term approach where you consistently roll out content, build links, and wrestle with your competition to generate visibility and get in front of your target audience. This requires intense negotiation, content creation, and a lot of work.

 Our SEO services will help you develop and execute strategies where you can carve a niche in search results for your business. You won’t rank first for your dream keywords overnight but a thorough strategy starts with “long tail” keywords with a local context. These search queries have lower traffic but are driven by high intent customers looking for answers. With a diversified approach you can rank for a number of keywords fairly quickly and begin working toward the summit. Our SEO services begin with expectation management and end with results. We will develop a strategy that works for your business and the sky is the limit if you commit to this avenue. 


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