Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Wouldn’t it be great to rank first on Google? 

You can but it comes at a price. Adwords is a great way to put your business on the map quickly and efficiently without long term SEO techniques. For the right price, you can rank for any keyword that is relevant to your business. Much like traditional SEO however, Adwords also requires extensive optimization, keyword research, and patience.

Adwords is broken down by a number of factors. When looking at a keyword, it is important to consider competition and search volume. The concept of a “keyword” in itself is actually outdated. People don’t search keywords, they look for answers. Most search queries are questions or phrases entered by the user and the Search Engines will display relevant results.

Quality score is an important aspect of Google Adwords. A high-quality score suggests that your ads have a high clickthrough rate and good user feedback when customers land on the site. This suggests to the search engine that your site is relevant which is a crucial aspect of ad optimization. It also helps you save money and pay less per click.

There are thousands of companies that are more than qualified to set up a campaign for your business. Unfortunately, ad campaigns aren’t plug and play. To fully optimize a campaign, your marketing team or account manager needs to thoroughly understand your business. They need to understand your customers, your competition, and most importantly, your margin. By understanding your business, an ad campaign manager can set realistic goals and use metrics such as CPA (cost per acquisition) to see which ad groups are outperforming one another.

Adwords comes in many forms from dynamic search ads for websites that are inventory heavy and have unique product display pages to a simple local listing for a service such as an ice machine repair or fishing charter company. By understanding Google’s display network which is often used for branding, search network which is typically used for sales, as well as demographic targeting, you can capitalize on opportunities and out rank your competition through pay per click campaigns.

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