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Yacht Brokerage Marketing Miami

Published August 26th, 2019 by Fullspreadadmin

Yacht Brokerage Marketing

 Yacht brokerage is an industry with few barriers to entry but a number of firms have managed to set themselves apart. It’s no secret that social media is beneficial to yacht brokers. Honestly, having your license and enough rich friends might be enough to get you by. Taking your brokerage to an enterprise level is an entirely different animal.


SEO for Yacht Brokers

The buyer’s journey when looking for a boat typically begins with education. They may talk to friends, go to a boat show, but nearly everyone will google different makes and models. Some of them most successful yacht brokerages have used content marketing to develop SEO campaigns that build trust and establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. These SEO campaigns are long, time consuming, arduous, and expensive but they do work. On a smaller level, blog posts are a great way to share your knowledge and build trust with your audience. Always start with local SEO before shooting for big name keywords.


Third Party Websites

There are many third party websites for listing boats for sale but few come even remotely close to Yacht World and Boat Trader. These sites have incredible outreach, strong SERP presences, and back-ends for both owners and brokers alike. Brokers big and small usually make their sales and generate plenty of leads through these third party sites. The problem isn’t necessarily marketing the boat. Sure, you need an attractive, comprehensive listing, but the real struggle is finding the buyer or seller in the first place.

Yacht Broker Websites

Your website may not generate organic traffic but it helps build trust with your clients and is an important component of any business. Push for reviews, get pictures, and use your site demonstrate what you know and talk about your experience in the field. Websites such as are as little as $100 per month and can give you all the infrastructure you need to develop an agency site. If yacht brokerage is strictly a part time deal or you struggle with consistent clientele, Wordpress sites are free and will help minimize monthly overhead. 


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