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Social Media-Stages of Growth

Published August 13th, 2019 by Full Spread Consulting Inc

With billions of users on social media, it can be difficult to stand out. Fortunately, followers are only a number. Every social media page started with 0 followers, don’t get discouraged and understand that social media involves many stages of growth.

Start Up

First you need to set up your social media account. Make sure you are consistent across every account for brand awareness. Next, you need to upload content. That may be photos, videos, posts, or anything to make your page look alive. After generating content, make your page live and promote it through your personal account, friend’s channels, or even invite people to like your page.

Gaining Traction

To build a real following on social media, you need to stand out. It’s important to establish a niche for your business and find ways to appeal to the market you are trying to reach. Gathering a constant stream of content (media or written) can be time consuming and expensive. Fortunately there are a number of ways to gather content and keep your page up to date with engaging posts.


If you are a product, sponsors are a great way to help build brand awareness. Sending free products in exchange for promotion or developing full on ambassador programs can be very effective to help you gather shareable content. You may have to front load efforts and put yourself out there investing in the right people.

Showcase Your Goods

If you offer products, showcase them! If you offer a service, showcase what you can do! In the tourist business, showing photos or videos of people having a great time can be compelling content and encourage people to consider you on their next adventure.

Drive Engagement

Followers mean nothing if they aren’t engaged. Stay active on social media and talk with other businesses, customers, etc. Always network through comments, direct messages, likes, and more. As a business, contests are a great way to drive engagement and build a following as well.

 Consistency and Persistence

By staying consistent as a brand and persistent with your efforts, you can develop a strong following over time. Stay flexible, open to new ideas and feedback, and never give up. If you put in the work on social media, the results will follow.

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