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Restaurant Marketing Miami

Published August 28th, 2019 by Fullspreadadmin

Tips for Marketing your Restaurant

The restaurant business is stressful. The combination of hefty overhead, notoriously tight margins, and competition make it difficult for new restaurants to stay afloat. As a new or even established restaurant, your service needs to be impeccable, your food needs to taste great, and you need to keep your customers happy. Having a strong marketing campaign to complement your service can be just as important as your efforts in the kitchen and on the floor. 

Having a strong online presence is crucial to a restaurant' success. Customers use the internet to look for new restaurants, check reviews, browse menus, and make reservations. This isn't just the case for tourists. Restaurants are always popping up and closing all over Miami and patrons are always looking for a new place to enjoy a culinary experience or have a romantic date night.

Local SEO for Restaurants

Make sure your local SEO is on point. Your hours of operation, address, etc need to be accurate and up to date. Additionally, you should push for reviews for your Google local listing as well. 

Reputation Management

The Hoth Stars is an awesome review aggregator that helps you send review requests to existing customers. You can target emails related to reservations or find other creative ways to gather customer information and send out review requests. The cool thing about this review aggregator is that selections of 3 or fewer stars prompts the user to send a message directly to management rather than rip the restaurant a new one. Reputation management is crucial for restaurants especially considering everyone is a food critic nowadays. Regardless of how you try to receive reviews, the restaurant industry is very dependent on online reputation. It's crucial that your staff is well trained, your food looks and tastes great, and your service is flawless. Every customer that walks through the door is a potential repeat customer, good review, or bad review. Do not take this for granted. Your service will translate DIRECTLY to your online reputation. 

Social Media for Restaurants

Make sure your restaurant maintains a strong social media presence. Giveaways, promotions, and of course, food porn are awesome ways to generate content and attract an audience and build a following. Social media is a crucial element of online marketing for restaurants and it opens the flood gates for user generated content. People are much more likely to trust recommendations of friends than direct marketing from a company. If you have a creative menu that looks and tastes good, your customers can turn into followers and help promote your business by sharing pictures on their individual profiles. People love taking pictures of food and if your restaurant targets a younger demographic, be ready for plenty of shares.

Web Design for Restaurants

Don't go overboard when designing your restaurant website. You don't need a hundred pages of content. What matters most is your website is VERY aesthetically pleasing. Take professional photos of your dining room, menu, staff, etc. Try to communicate your atmosphere through your website and provide all the basic information customers may be looking for. Hours, your menu, a feed of reviews, etc all help. You can also offer pop up promotions as well. Like any website, be sure your restaurant site is responsive (mobile friendly).

Sponsored Ads

Don't go crazy with a Google Adwords budget for your restaurant. If you do decide to pay for ads, make sure you have a target demographic and a strong call to action. Social media can be a great outlet for sponsored material. Make sure the posts you push are compelling, professional, and most importantly thoroughly monitored. If you aren't getting more followers or customers through the door, tweak your approach. Social media can be the cheapest form of advertising and influencers with a moderate following are also a great outlet to promote your restaurant. 

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