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Choosing the Best Domain Name

Published August 13th, 2019 by Full Spread Consulting Inc

Choosing the best Domain Name

 The first step in the SEO process involves the optimization of your website. This aspect of SEO is critical toward your success. Properly formatting your website should be done during the development phase but it doesn’t mean you can’t tweak a preexisting site. Let me walk you through the primary elements of on page SEO.

Domain Names

Choosing the correct domain name is an important part of the web development process. There are multiple factors to consider when deciding on the best domain. The first is length. One word domain names are best, 2 word domain names, are second best, and 3 word domain names are the last resort but still acceptable. Beyond that, search engines will heavily penalize your site. Stick to .com websites and stay away from the other variations such as .us, .net, etc.  

Keyword Targeted Domain Name

Many business owners use a keyword targeted domain. Wouldn’t it be great to own if you are starting a consulting business? Unfortunately, you’re late to the party. Every one-word domain name imaginable has already been picked up by investment firms or relevant businesses. Since your dream domain is most likely out of the question, where do you go next? 

If your consulting business is located in Miami, maybe would be a better fit. It might be available for 12.99 or you can pick it up for a reasonable price in a private sale. If not MiamiConsulting, you could go quite a few variations.,, etc. Look into your options and see if you can find a solid keyword variation that is 3 words or fewer and openly available.  

Branded Domain Names

Google has been making a shift toward the user experience. Its algorithms are becoming more sophisticated by the day and you can’t just beat the system without a comprehensive approach. Your domain name alone is just one small piece of the puzzle and it isn’t enough to make a website rank. Branded domain names are a great starting point for most businesses because the market is much less saturated when you think of a clever business name rather than a keyword for your domain. Branded domain names should be 1-3 words in length and really capture the essence of what your business offers. This website is a perfect example; “Full Spread Consulting” expresses who we are and gives you an idea about the services we offer. 

Domain Names and their SEO Implications

The domain name you choose should be relevant to your business. Regardless, it’s important to understand that numerous factors influence your SEO beyond your domain name itself. Every page of your website has a unique domain and link structure. is a static page on this website. The first part of the link structure is our brand and the second part expresses what the page is about. This only scratches the surface. Every page on your website has a unique link structure with implications well beyond your domain name itself. Regardless of what domain name you choose, your Meta Title, Description, and Content are all extremely powerful formatting tools to help users and search engines understand what your site is about. Read more about Formatting Blog Posts in this other blog post. 

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