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Law Firm Marketing Miami

Published August 31st, 2019 by Fullspreadadmin

Attorney Marketing Miami 

Trust is one of the most important factors of an attorney-client relationship. Marketing your services and expertise can be the first step in building that trust. There are plenty of billboard attorneys, ambulance chasers on the radio, etc. Sure, some of these companies are successful but when someone is facing a legitimate legal issue, they are probably interested in a legitimate attorney.

Maintaining an online presence that reflects the services you offer, the standards of your firm, and your experience in the industry is a crucial component of marketing your business, even if you rely mostly on word of mouth business. The internet has become an extension of our social circles and a sound web presence, social media strategy, etc. can help reaffirm recommendations and give your potential clients peace of mind.

Marketing beyond word of mouth

When faced with a legal issue, the internet is a great place to start for most individuals. Before even contacting an attorney, a quick search can yield an abundance of information about their situation and provide insight into their next steps. A variety of firms have been extremely successful with content marketing and by answering legal questions, they can turn website visitors into potential clients.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content marketing for law firms is actually much easier than it may seem. You should definitely have a web developer that creates a site that is aesthetically pleasing and uses sound SEO measures. Beyond that however, it is important to have a decent content management system (interface) where you can create blog posts and articles. If you are looking to redesign or create a new website, aesthetics and a powerful back end is crucial.

How to Develop SEO as a Law Firm

 SEO for law firms is as simple as having a website, generating content, and aggregating links. For content, it helps to write about topics you specialize in that might be common questions. Be specific with your articles with subjects like the following: “How to make a prenuptial agreement,” “Punishment for a DUI in Florida,” etc. Always mention the state in which you practice because laws vary from state to state and clients will rarely cross state lines for an attorney.  If you consider the psychology of your potential clientele and brainstorm with a list of things they may search when facing a legal issue, your articles will be more likely to appear in search results. Always be specific and informative when engaged in content marketing. This is not an area you should subcontract to an SEO or Website Company. They are not experts in your field. A paralegal on the other hand may be well qualified to put your legal suggestions into words. Links are a different animal entirely so read up on link building and don’t hesitate to sub out this aspect of your SEO campaign.

Reputation Management for Law Firms

Attorneys offer an important service and are rarely called when things are going well. Clients are often frantic for answers and demanding for results. Our legal system is far from black and white and it’s extremely important to run your law firm with reputation management at the top of your list. 20 years ago, a frustrated client could complain to their friends or family but beyond that they had very little outreach. With the internet as a medium, everyone has a voice and the consumer has more power than ever before. 

As a firm, a few very simple steps go a long way to avoid pissing people off. First, answer the phone and respond to emails. Have a secretary who can handle frustrated individuals, respond empathetically, and give them the information they need or know when to escalate a problem. People want to be heard, especially when their life is on the line. Being responsive goes a long way for customer satisfaction.

In addition to being responsive, your firm should manage expectations and price yourselves appropriately. Don’t take on more than you can handle and don’t charge a $10,000 retainer for a simple administrative case. If people find out they are being ripped off, they will happily share their frustration with the world. If you over promise and under deliver, you’ll have the same outcome. It’s better to lose a potential client than take on a case that will only bring problems down the road.

If you do have a happy customer, be sure to follow up and have them write reviews on several websites. At the end of the day, you probably spent countless hours on their case. It is beyond reasonable to expect a satisfied client to spend a few minutes writing a review about a positive outcome. Be pushy and persistent when trying to get reviews for your firm. If you are sure that a client is happy with your service, follow up as many times as you need to.

Google AdWords for Law Firms

AdWords can be a great way to try and get new clients but expect a competitive market with bidding wars and very high costs per acquisition. Before even thinking about an AdWords campaign, make sure your website is up to date, aesthetically pleasing, and you are available to receive leads. If you don’t convert these leads into clients, expect a big bill from Google and disappointing receivables. Never hesitate to turn off a campaign if you are flooded with cases or falling behind. Keep an open line with your campaign manager and make sure you monitor your ad spend, cost per acquisition, etc for every service you market.  



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