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Boat Charter Marketing Miami

Published August 27th, 2019 by Fullspreadadmin

Marketing for a Fishing Charter or Boat Rental

Miami has a sprawling tourism industry with over 10 million "overnight visitors" per year. Like any destination hot spot, there are no shortage of activities for visitors and locals to enjoy during their stay. With a sea of attractions, how do you stand out among your competitors?

SEO for Charters

Search engine optimization is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors but it can be a long road before your website ranks for the keywords you desire. When customers book a flight, the next step is determining what to do during their stay. They may search a combination of keyword phrases such as "miami fishing charters," "fishing charters in miami," "fishing guides," etc. These are high-intent customers who know what they want and have a decent probability of following through. Having a solid SEO campaign involves content creation, link building, and more. Always keep your site up to date with interesting articles, fishing reports, or whatever you can publish to captivate an audience. SEO involves a lot of patience and sweat equity so it helps to do some competitive analysis before journeying down this road. Double Threat Charters is a local business we consulted with that has had a lot of success using organic SEO. As a business, it's always important to assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you aren't a strong writer, this may not be the avenue you want to take. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to put yourself out there. 

Google Adwords for Boat Rentals

Adwords provides a "shortcut" to putting your website in front of high-intent customers for any keyword you desire. You've heard it before: "Can you handle more business?" "Would you like to rank first on Google?" Cold callers love using these selling points but yes, it is too good to be true. Fortunately you can but like anything in life it comes at a cost. Adwords is set up as a bidding system where prices are set by the competition for a given keyword. A number of factors influence that ranking read more here: Adwords Info An important metric to consider is CPA or cost per acquisition. This number is the amount of money spent per customer acquired or in this case, trip booked. Unfortunately, CPA can easily exceed $100 per customer and I've even seen it surpass $300 per customer. You will book trips but at what cost? Having an awesome website that converts visitors into bookings can help reduce customer acquisition costs. Having different options or packages to cover a variety of price ranges and preferences can help improve your conversion rate as well. Adwords campaigns need to be monitored closely so you only show up for relevant searches. Additionally, you need to understand that click fraud, cold callers, competitors, etc. will also drive up prices for your campaign. If you do pursue an Adwords campaign, make sure you monitor it closely and factor your CPA into your trip prices so you can still manage a net profit each time you sail.

Third Party Websites for Charters

There are a number of third party websites that can be broken down into a few categories. You have review sites, paid listing sites, and sites that are structured where you pay a booking fee per trip. All three sites are different from one another and I firmly believe that review sites and referral sites are the best options for most businesses. 

Reputation management 

Reputation management is crucial for review sites. Leaders in the tourism industry are Trip Advisor and Google Local Listings. Yelp, Facebook Business pages, etc are also great areas to receive reviews, generate visibility, and establish a reputation. Reputation management is an immense aspect of running a successful service business. Success starts with offering a first class service and ends by following up with your customers to try and get them to submit a review. 

Social Media for Charters

Don't forget about social media! This is a crucial element of your business for a variety of reasons. Not only does it provide trust for potential customers to see your business is active, it can also be a great outlet for brand awareness and bookings. Make sure you  post daily, even if you aren't sailing on a daily basis. It helps to make sure you capture plenty of photos each time you are booked and slow drip them on the days you aren't on the water.

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