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“Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime."  This proverb couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to marketing. Most business owners go project to project throwing patches on their online presence without considering the big picture. This can be expensive and yield less ROI than a comprehensive approach. We take a full spread approach toward improving your marketing strategy with consultation that is transparent, educational, and pragmatic. As an agency we lean toward performance driven compensation with a goal of marketing with you, not for you. We primarily focus on local businesses in the Miami area but have plenty of clients across state lines. 

About Us

Let us Teach You How to Market

Leading by Example

It may seem tempting to outsource marketing services. Most business owners are caught up in day to day operations and rather just throw money at the problem.  Unfortunately, marketing is one of the few industries where firms can promise you the world and fail to deliver with little to no recourse. Marketing has few barriers to entry and the field is predominantly driven by greed rather than a code of ethics. How over saturated is the industry? We’ll let the daily cold calls and your flooded inbox answer that question.  

Here at Full Spread Consulting, we aim to improve your web presence and generate more sales. What’s different about our approach is the collaborative nature of our efforts and our commitment toward training. Instead of putting a patch on your web presence, we want to teach you about the techniques we use and help you understand our outlook. Our initial consulting is free, educational, and transparent. We encourage our clients to challenge us, ask us questions, and fact check our answers. Consider us general contractors for your marketing goals. We’ll help spearhead your marketing campaigns and develop infrastructure along the way. 

Our consulting typically begins with an audit where we learn more about your business and see which areas really need improvement. By learning about your business, we can give you the best possible feedback and either leave you with a list of recommendations or move forward with a proposal. Eventually, we hope to complement your business and develop in-house strategies that are sustainable and deliver the highest possible return on investment.  

As a firm, we aim to develop relationships and consulting agreements that are result-oriented and performance driven. Our relationship doesn’t start with an hourly rate, set up fee, monthly payment, retainer, or revenue sharing. Every new relationship begins with honesty, transparency, and a thorough consulting phase to determine if we are a good fit for one another. If we believe our insight could yield a productive partnership, only then will we discuss compensation.  

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Already have a marketing budget?

Let us audit your current approach and use compelling metrics to illustrate which channels are the most lucrative. We can usually improve your bottom line within a month without adversely affecting outreach or sales. Cutting out wasted marketing dollars is usually the first step in the process and a huge step toward a clean slate. 

Looking to increase market share?

Increasing market share involves tenacious competitive analysis. An online strategy is only effective if it exceeds benchmarks set by you and your competitors. We’ll do our best to view your business from an owner’s point of view and treat it like one of our own. The only feeling as awesome as a happy client is hearing about their frustrated competitors. We will thoroughly analyze your market, research your business, and consult with your team to establish short and long-term goals. We want your business to increase market share but also have the tools and understanding to maintain this market share in the long run.


Our Consulting Services

The Spread

We want to position your business so it appears in the right place at the right time in our complex digital landscape. Identifying the best “spots” to fish for customers is a crucial part of the battle. After finding the best places to fish, you need to a compelling “call to action” so clients are enticed to check out your bait. 

Our services include but aren’t limited to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategies, Customer Retention, Web Development, PPC Campaign Management, Copyrighted Content Creation, Graphic Design, and more. Our consulting puts all of these services into one package and delivers them in a manner that is concise, effective, and result-oriented.   

Our goal is to implement the most cost-effective strategies for your company that maximize short and long-term return on investment.  We will show you which marketing strategies should be handled in house, who to use as independent contractors, and how to approach every strategy. As an agency, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Whether we spend late nights writing articles or long days filming, you can rest assured that we are willing and able to lead by example.

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